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We want to export sustainable product to the world and want to support artisan.

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Our latest collection of handmade, sustainable home & lifestyle products are now available for purchase.

Sustainable Jute
Products from Tulika

Jute is natural eco-friendly fiber and our country is the second largest producer of jute. In 2017 we started Tulika to work with eco-friendly and sustainable product. In 2018 we started exporting to the European market. Currently, we are running two units of factory setup. One is for making diversified jute products. We have a large number diverse fied product. We are making all kinds of bags like shopping bags, wine bags, beach bags, tote bags, grocery bags, women's fashion bags, official items, and lifestyle products. also, we have a large number of place mates, table runners, nursery pots, carry bags, and home decor items. We always prefer buyer requirements. We love to make any customized product given by buyers.

Expanding Product
Reach in Europe

We are mostly exporting to the European market, we have a display and sell center in the factory area. From April, we are opening a showroom in the Netherlands.
We are hopping to explore our product worldwide.


In our other unit, we produce braided nursery pots, baskets, rugs, and place mates. We have a good number of jute fiber, palm fiber, and cane products. Some of the products are produced by machine and most of them by hand made.

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